Liberals Refuse to Investigate

Okay, I'm not going to toss and turn at night, if the Liberal Party of Canada wants to lose even more traction with voters,  but given their history with scandal . . . have they not learned anything?

Children scrape together $5,400 for political donation.  Give me a break!

And the Liberal Party of Canada's response?

" Move along.  Nothing to see here!"  Simply disgraceful.

As happy as I am to have the Conservatives remain in Government, Canada deserves at least two functioning, principled parties capable of governing.

UPDATE: Ignatieff- Principled stand on Afghanistan, now a principled stand on political donation fraud . . . sort of.

“Is it legitimate to say I have a family of 10, and each one will donate $5,400? I think that's stretching it a bit. It's the   kind of thing that's legal, but people will ask questions about what it looks like,” said Mr. Coderre,
who supports Michael Ignatieff for the leadership.

Although encouraging . . . can he make it past the anti-American wing of the Liberal Party?  If he can, he might give Harper a run for his money.

UPDATE II: Twins, 11, donated $10,800 to Volpe's campaign

“I assume that all of our contributors are in full compliance of the law,” Mr. Volpe told CTV news.

Now, Joe.  You know what happens when you assume . . . it would be mostly you in this case.


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