Senator calls Afghan President Karzai a ‘stooge’

Yet another reason to shop at Harry's

. . . the proceedings turned particularly ugly when Liberal Senator Peter Stollery hurled an insult at Karzai, Afghanistan's interim president, who MacKay said would soon be visiting Canada.

"You know Karzai, he's a stooge. He was put there by Americans. Everybody knows that," Stollery said.

"First of all, I don't believe President Karzai is a stooge," MacKay said.

"He can't be anything else," Stollery interjected, before fellow Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who was chairing the hearing, cut him off.

It appears that Senator Stollery missed the recent Afghani elections.

Following investigation by the UN, the national election commission on November 3rd declared Karzai winner, without runoff, with 55.4% of the vote. This represented 4.3 million of the total 8.1 million votes cast.

Now in fairness, when the Senator was the Honourable Member from Spadina (1972-1981) he attained an average of 46.2% of the popular vote.  So with a mere 9.2% extra he would have achieved a Karzai level of 'stooginess'.  Of course, in real numbers the Senator got a mere  4,289,113 fewer votes than President Karzai. 

I suppose the Senator could argue that he recieved 100% of 'the vote' when Prime Minister Trudeau appointed him to the Senate, but that might cause one to suggest that "You know [Stollery], he's a stooge.  He was put there by [Liberals].  Everybody knows that."

Oh . . . and the good Senator never had to worry that he, or his family, would be gunned down by the opposition.


 What a jerk!


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