Misled by multiculturalism

Not a bad piece by Tarek Fatah over at the Red Toronto Star.

 It is time for ethnic minorities to take the next step forward in building a civic society based on respect, dignity and social justice. It is time for Indo-Canadians to interact with Arab Canadians, not only at nomination and leadership bid meetings of prominent white politicians, but to get to know each other as fellow Canadians. It is time for Iranian Canadians to attend the Harry Jerome Awards for black Canadians. That would be a multiculturalism true to the concept's original spirit.

Otherwise, we risk creating a fragmented nation, divided into 21st century tribes, segregated into silos, easily manipulated. While I value diversity, I am tired of celebrating it. What I truly wish to celebrate is our common humanity, not our tribal loyalties and affinities.

When it's Government policy to water down the country's culture and history to the point of creating a vaccum, what can we expect? 

When I was in primary school we were taught that Canada was a 'cultural mosaic' and that the United States was a 'melting pot'.  With those metaphors came detailed explanations of how the 'mosaic' was literally, figuratively and culturally superior.

I was reminded of this mosaic analogy recently while reading The Onion.



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