Poor old Joe

Two phone calls and your critics disappear.  You can do that?  Simply amazing.

From the Globe and Mail:

Mr. Volpe's campaign had the site shut down without knowing, it seems, who put it up: "Hi Everyone," wrote Brenden Johnstone, who is with the Volpe campaign, in an e-mail to other leadership campaigns. "There has been concern about how the issue of the Volpe donations was reflecting on the leadership race.

"My Office has had the website suspended through CIRA [Canadian Internet Registration Authority] and CDNS [Canadian Domain Name Services] and it will be down as soon as 6 p.m. I think the issue with the website has been dealt with. . . ."

So now the Volpe campaign is worried about how this reflects on the Liberal leadership race?  They should have thought of that before they cashed the $108,000 illegal corporate donation $27,000 in 'private donations' from current and former Apotex executives and the $81,000 donations from members of their families, including the eleven year-old twins.

Here's Joe's pathetic and highly improbable rationalization.

"Apparently, I had seen the kids when I went to their school and gave a talk during the [federal election] campaign. They went back home and said 'that's a guy we want to help, we want to support.' The parents told them there would be a good time to do that and here is the time. So, I gather they thought about it as a family and they did what they did," he said.

"You might say that's a lot of money for kids. It's not a family that's unaccustomed to having those resources.

"[Now] they feel sorry for me, because someone has made something negative about their interest in being engaged."

I feel sorry for you too, Joe. 

Intentionally circumventing federal fundraising rules, insisting that you were following the letter of the law, attempting to silence your critics, making up stories to rationalise your actions and -quite frankly- disgracing yourself and your party with your embarrassing behaviour.

So, tell us, Joe.  Was it worth $108,000? 

Your career and your reputation, that is?

[Sorry, links leading to the Globe and Mail require site registration.] 


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