They always get their man

This looks like a huge anti-terror success.

Details are sketchy; however, it appears that Canadian authorities have thwarted not only an imminent attack on Toronto, but have been able to dismantle a significant training and support infrastructure for terror.

In a stunning development yesterday, police made a sweeping terrorist bust within the GTA and expected to make several more arrests throughout the night.

. . . Though unconfirmed, sources have told the Sun police arrested a possible home-grown al-Qaeda terrorist cell operating in Toronto that had planned to bomb the subway as early as Monday.

. . . Police had been watching several alleged terrorist camps since 2004 — one of which is reported to be in the Muskokas near Bracebridge and another near Thunder Bay, a police source told Warmington late last night.

"Recently some officers followed two men who left the camp near Thunder Bay and headed to Toronto," said the source.

Another Sun source said there was a similar "terrorist" camp near Barry's Bay — within an hour's drive of several Ontario nuclear operations.

Other source also tell the Sun the arrested individuals were amassing weapons.

It's frightening to think that there are organised terror cells operating in Ontario.  I'm glad they've been arrested, but it makes me wonder how many more are out there.

Hopefully, this will persuade Canadians that Islamo-fascist terrorism is a real and direct to Canada and its interests.

I wonder how long it will take the 'root causes' crowd to begin asking why they hate us and to begin calling for a Canadian retreat from Afghanistan?


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