That’s quite a To Do list

Here's a summary of what the Canadian Islamic Congress had to say about the recent terror arrests in Ontario. 

Following a wave of arrests overnight on June 3 that led to more than a dozen Toronto-area men and teens being held on charges of suspected terrorism, the Canadian Islamic Congress issued a statement saying:

  1. All suspects involved in the current investigation . . . must be treated as innocent until proven guilty;
  2. If and when any individuals are proven guilty under Canadian anti- terrorism legislation, then they are criminals. Canada's 750,000 Muslims should not be made guilty-by-association, either in the Canadian media or through any public pronouncements;
  3. We praise today's statements by CSIS, RCMP and the Mayor of Toronto for putting today's arrests into proper context as criminal activities by suspects;
  4. It is irresponsible for our Prime Minster to paint today's arrests as a battle between "us" and "them". Such statement puts all Canadian Muslims in great danger;
  5. Governments, both federal and provincial, must fund legitimate academic research to diagnose this serious social problem and provide scientific solutions to it.

Okay, now that you're done telling us what we need to do . . . what the hell are you going to do? 

"The Canadian Muslim community is law-abiding and loyal, but we have been up front in recognizing that no group is without problems," the statement continued.

Ah, job well done then.  Thanks for that. 


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