Time for new management

RightGirl gets it right, over at the Western Standard:

I have been watching poor Police Chief Bill Blair talking to the Muslim community in Toronto, where he has been answering essentially the same question over and over for nearly two hours: What are you going to do to make sure Toronto Muslims will not be affected by any type of anti-Muslim backlash?

Because it’s all about them. 

Why the hell isn’t Bill Blair right this moment downtown talking to leaders of the financial sector, the tourism bureau, and the staff at City Hall, reassuring them that they will be safe, instead of hand-holding the terrorists?

The leaders of the Muslim community are bitching about the arrests instead of backing law enforcement to clean their community of those who sully its good name. Why would a religion of peace, a community that is innocent, why would they do that?

If leaders of Muslim communities truly want to serve the interests of their constituents then they should acknowledge that there is a problem with the minority that adhere to a backward, violent and perverted version of Islam.

If those Muslim leaders continue to equivocate, excuse and attempt to change the subject then then their communities should be looking for new representation.

Fewer excuses.  More support.  Please.


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