What an idiot

John Hostettler, Republican from Indiana and chairman of the House of Representatives subcommittee on immigration and border security is clearly talking out of his ass

From the Globe and Mail:

A U.S. congressman warned yesterday that Canada, and in particular the enclave of "South Toronto," was a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists and that the United States will be under threat as long as passports are not required of all Canadians crossing the border.

"South Toronto, like those parts of London that are host to the radical imams who influenced the 9/11 terrorists and the shoe bomber, has people who adhere to a militant understanding of Islam," said John Hostettler, chairman of the House of Representatives subcommittee on immigration and border security, noting that Toronto has a very large South Asian community.

Later, when asked by reporters to describe "South Toronto" in greater detail, Mr. Hostettler said it was "a location which I understand is the type of enclave that allows for this radical type of discussion to go on.

Canada indeed may have an emerging problem with homegrown terrorism and this is an issue that should be taken very seriously.  However, I would hope that the 'south Toronto' information is not a reflection of the quality of the rest of the information and intelligence contained in congressional briefing books.  South Toronto.  Ridiculous.


One Response to What an idiot

  1. damon says:

    Ack! South Toronto?!?! Like, The Beach? St. Lawrence Market? Queen’s Quay? Ontario Place? Run for the hills! Don’t stop till you hit Algonquin Park!

    What does he mean “allows for this radical type of discussion”? Is he talking about… freedom? Don’t worry buddy, they can talk here, and based on went down here in the last week, we can listen. CSIS has offices on Front Street. For those who don’t know T.O., that’s in the “enclave” of “South Toronto”.

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