Brits get terror bust wrong

The Telegraph in the UK is reporting that:

Scotland Yard was facing fierce criticism last night after two brothers arrested in a high profile anti-terrorism raid in east London were released without charge.

Mohammed Abul Kahar, 23, and Abul Koyair, 20, were freed a week after being arrested at their house in Lansdown Road, Forest Gate.

Thus giving Muslim groups ammunition and eroding the trust and support of law enforcement in the larger Muslim community . . .

 . . . Massoud Shadjareh, the chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: "This is another indictment of police and intelligence service anti-terrorist policy.

"This policy is criminalising and victimising a community that is running out of patience. The only criteria for suspicion it appears is the suspicion that you might be or are a Muslim."

I support law enforcement and I recognise that intelligence collection and counter-terror operations are tricky business, but either these two guys were guilty and the MET police couldn't make their case so they had to release terrorists back onto the streets of east London. 

Or, these two guys were innocent and they had SWAT teams storm their home, terrorise their families and accidentally shoot one of them. 

Either way, this mistake and the one where they shot the Brazilian guy in the head, is not helpful in fighting the broader war on terror. 

I thought the Brits were suppose to be good at this sort of thing, with all their colonial and Northern Ireland experience.  Maybe they should take a page from the RCMP's book.


3 Responses to Brits get terror bust wrong

  1. McKreck says:

    It’s bad news all around and no good can come of it. I think the worst part is that it will feed the rhetoric of the Islamist groups that have already proven themselves, shall we say, less than respectful of the truth. The next time a plot is even investigated they will point to this as proof the investigation, regardless of the merits, is motivated by bigotry. The police will be hamstrung.

  2. Gary says:

    I think this kind of thing happened all the time back in the days of the IRA. Except when it happened in Belfast it was never seen as a race issue so you never heard about all the ‘unsuccessful’ raids. So the police stormed a house where they suspected the occupants of terrorist activities, how in the hell does that amount to racism? Do the so called Islamic “leaders” think that the Met just randomly picked a couple of muslims and thought, “yep, their skin colour’s right, let’s storm their house and see what happens?”

    The way i see it, if they’ve got good cause, then storm away. If they’re wrong 9 times and right once, it’s worth it.

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