Professor Dithers?

A mere 12 days since it was reported that Liberal leadership opponent Joe Volpe was taking $5,400 political donations from children, Liberal leadership hopeful Michael Ignatieff goes public with his principled stand.

Top Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff accused Joe Volpe on Friday of damaging the party’s reputation by defending campaign contributions from the children of corporate executive donors.

However, he stopped just short of saying the Toronto MP should bow out of the race.

. . . “I think any candidate for the leadership of this party has to safeguard not only his or her reputation but the reputation of the party,” Ignatieff said in a telephone interview from Winnipeg.

“And there is no way to avoid the fact that Mr. Volpe’s campaign difficulties have caused reputational damage to a party that I’m sure he loves as much as I do. Mr. Volpe must draw his own conclusions.”

We haven't seen decision taking at these lightning-like speeds since the Government of Prime Minister Paul Martin.


One Response to Professor Dithers?

  1. Civitatensis says:

    The professor must have been waiting for the polling results to come in to see if he could afford to appear ethical in public among Liberals. He is, after all, running for the Grit leadership. There could always be a backlash against ethical principles or thei appearance thereof.

    Volpe must have been reading the same polls. He first damned ethics in favour of legality, but now claims to be THE ethical standard of his party. Considering that no one really attacked his (lack of) ethics, he may as well take the lead on that front. Liberals don’t actually need to be ethical to claim being a measure of ethics –as long as that is legal.

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