Again, bravo

It appears that the RCMP and CSIS may be the first Western counter-terror agencies that have had success in this area. 

From the Times of London, via Neale News:

The security forces’ decision to terminate their surveillance operations and swoop on the Toronto groups earlier this month not only prevented what might have become the worst terrorist assault in Canadian history. It has also provided an intriguing glimpse of what one security source described as a “treasure trove” of intelligence on the structure and worldwide communications of the so-called home-grown terror networks that have sprung up independently of Al-Qaeda in Madrid, London and other western cities during the past few years.

The Canadian intelligence has proved so good, one senior security source said last week, that the CSIS may have successfully infiltrated a government informer into the Toronto cell.

. . . Security experts suggested last week that the Canadian authorities had taken a huge risk by allowing the plotters to remain at large for so long.

Yet the CSIS was so confident it knew what Amara and his men were up to that it allowed them to conspire for six more months. One former intelligence agent said that risk could only have been justified had there been a government mole in a key position in the group.

If it is true that the Canadians were able to infiltrate this Toronto cell, it is very good news.  If this is the case, we are entering a new phase in the War on Terror that places that much closer to victory.


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