The Volpe strikes back

I almost feel bad for the Liberal Party . . . almost.

From the Globe and Mail:

Liberal leadership hopeful Joe Volpe says he'll start reviewing all donors to his campaign and their ages, and he's calling on all candidates to do the same.

Well, that only took him two weeks since this was first uncovered.

As he prepared for the latest Liberal leadership forum in Winnipeg Saturday, Mr. Volpe said he's setting a new ethical standard that others should meet "or bow out of the race."

How big is your problem with ethics, if Volpe is the guy who's 'setting a new ethical standard' for your party?

Mr. Volpe's campaign took a serious blow when he accepted 54-thousand dollars in donations from two top executives at drug manufacturer Apotex, their wives and their six children — including 11-year-old twins.

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He insisted he did nothing wrong but agreed to return the money donated by the five donors under age 18.

So, Joe, if you've done nothing wrong why is there a sudden need to set new ethical standards?

On Friday fellow candidate Michael Ignatieff came close to calling on Mr. Volpe to bow out of the leadership contest, saying he has hurt the party's reputation. Mr. Volpe responded, saying he doesn't need to take lessons from anyone on how to serve the Liberal party.

Mr. Volpe noted he's been a member since 1981 and an MP since 1988, an apparent contrast to Mr. Ignatieff, who only joined the Liberal party a few months ago.

Maybe it's the fact that Volpe has been a member of the Liberal Party for so long that he has problems with his ethics. 

In this case, with only a few months in the party . . . advantage Ignatieff.


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