Liberal leadership candidates debate in Winnipeg

Eleven Liberal leadership candidates jostled over ethics and Afghanistan in their first debate.

Candidate pool Format limits itself

Organizers had to find a format that allowed the 11 candidates to express their views and also engage each other.  But analysts said it wasn't until they were randomly broken into smaller groups and allowed to face off that the real debate began.

"Generally speaking, the format limits itself," former Liberal cabinet minister Sheila Copps told CTV Newsnet.

"I think the Liberal party is going to have to revisit 11 candidates getting single time slots, and maybe make it more of a debate as we saw towards the end."

Anne McLellan, former Liberal public safety minister, agreed that giving candidates too much time to speak on their own was a mistake. [ed. Finally, something on which Anne and I can agree.]

"I think the party should take this as the first of five debates and see what worked," she said.

The next leadership debate is scheduled for Saturday, June 17 in Moncton, N.B. [ed. Oh, goody!]

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