Our post-colonial Governor General

Surprisingly, this comes from the National Post and not from The Onion.

G-G No Show at Queen’s 80th Bash

Monarchists say it is “embarrassing” that Michaelle Jean, the Governor-General, will not attend an official celebration of the Queen’s 80th birthday today in London, although her counterparts from Australia and the Bahamas will be there.

The decision not to attend was due to a scheduling conflict, said Randy Mylyk, a spokesman for the Governor-General.

Imagine not showing up to work the day of the big meeting because you had a ‘scheduling conflict’?  This is her job!  This is why she is paid $114,000 a year and gets to live here?

Ms. Jean received the invitation just two weeks ago, Mr. Mylyk said, after she had already agreed to make a number of appearances in Toronto — at a high school in a poor neighbourhood to attend a play about her life, at a centre that helps settle immigrants and at the grand opening of the city’s new opera house.

. . . Mr. Mylyk pointed out that Ms. Jean celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday on April 21 during a visit to Cape Dorset in Canada’s Far North.

“The Governor-General had an opportunity last April to honour Her Majesty, the Queen of Canada, in a uniquely Canadian way,” Mr. Mylyk said.

In the small Nunavut town, the Governor-General shared a giant birthday cake with local children, an act Mr. Mylyk said reportedly “delighted” the Queen when she was told about it.

How exactly is this uniquely Canadian!  I’m sure the Queen would have been ‘delighted’ if her Excellency bothered to show up in London for today’s celebrations too. 

. . . Ms. Jean has been lauded in some circles for her commitment to social issues, for reaching out to underprivileged youth and for speaking her mind on topics such as racism, violence against women and dementia among the elderly.

I think it’s fantastic that she helps out with such worthy causes, but this is not the primary function of her job.  It would be great if anyone of us did this sort of volunteer work, but we wouldn’t not show up at the office because we had other commitments.

Would it be too obvious to note that Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith only turns eighty once? 

Her Excellency, Michaelle Jean a Governor General with truly post-modern, post-colonial priorities.  Welcome to Trudeaupia.


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