What BBC bias?

Here is an excellent example of BBC’s slanted converage as it reports on the availability of ammunition in Iraq. 

Bullets ‘flooding Baghdad market’

Research carried out by the UK-based charity Oxfam says Baghdad’s black market is awash with new ammunition. Much of it originated from factories in Eastern Europe and Russia, according to the report. It says the ammunition was either smuggled in or leaked from the supplies imported by coalition forces. Statistics in the report show some of the ammunition examined was manufactured over 20 years ago 

. . . Most are said have been manufactured after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Many of the bullets had been made in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania and Russia, the report added.

. . . Export data exists for only 17% of the bullets on the market, leaving over 80% of global supplies unaccounted for. 

Well, okay.  So far so good.  From this report most of the new ammunition in Iraq comes from Russia and Eastern European Countries.  I’m quite surprised that China isn’t mentioned, but that’s not what they found, apparently.

Now, here’s the graphic they decide to include with this article:

Global Arms Production, sort of

Wow!  Americans are such war-mongering bastards.  Look at how much death they export! . . .

Wait a minute . . . if you squint and read the small print you’ll realise that this accounts for only 17% of estimated global production.  You may also notice that countries such as China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and India . . . are nowhere to be found.  Are these some of the countries that make up the rest of the global production?

This graphic also provides no context.  This is production.  How much of US ammunition is used by the US military, law enforcement, average Americans and ally governments?

So incredibly dishonest of the BBC.

 Hat-tip to CanCon reader Gary.  



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