I blame the ‘victims’

From the opinion section of the Los Angeles Times:

. . . Sex-change operations, vacations to the Dominican Republic and wild nights at strip clubs were all bought on the government’s [taxpayers’] dime by both con artists and legitimate victims of Hurricane Katrina. But try to keep that knee from jerking — although FEMA’s oversight was lacking, wasted money is an inevitable byproduct of providing rapid emergency assistance.

. . . The 16% of improper expenditures is indeed high for a federal aid program . . .

It’s easy, and necessary, to criticize FEMA’s across-the-board incompetence in responding to the largest displacement of Americans since the Civil War. But obsessing about the spending habits of refugees comes perilously close to blaming the victim.

I’m not above blaming any Government for mismanagement.  However, allowing these fraudsters off the hook isn’t the answer.  

I think reports of fraudulent spending should cause a sufficient ‘knee-jerk reaction’ on behalf of the public to give these ‘victims’ a swift kick in the ass.  Shameful.


One Response to I blame the ‘victims’

  1. doctorj says:

    Most of the reports I have seen were people “posing” as victims.

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