Mother Sheehan supports the troops

Rabid moonbat Cindy Sheehan shows up in Canada, yet again, reports CNEWS

This time she’s there to support the troops, er, sort of:

. . . Sheehan was making her second visit to Canada in support of sanctuary for those fleeing the U.S. military.  Canada has so far denied political asylum to U.S. soldiers who have sought it but appeals are pending.

. . . About 20 former U.S. soldiers, referred to as war resisters, have applied for refugee status in Canada. Organizers estimated there may be as many as 200 soldiers in the country who have not yet sought formal protection.

These soldiers volunteered for service.  There hasn’t been a draft in the US since 1973.  Let’s get these appeals heard so we can ship these illegal aliens home. 

What a waste of public money.


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