The suspense is . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Montreal Gazette covers the second Liberal leadership debate.

Harper steals spotlight at Liberal debate

One man dominated the second Liberal leadership debate yesterday, yet he wasn't anywhere near the event, nor is he even a Liberal.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – attacked repeatedly by the 11 candidates vying to lead the federal Liberals – loomed like a bogeyman over the two-hour discussions in a New Brunswick gymnasium.

. . . And so it went for more than two hours, with all of the candidates, including Carolyn Bennett, Stephane Dion, Hedy Fry, Joe Volpe, Gerard Kennedy and Bob Rae taking swipes at the Conservatives.

. . . Yesterday's meeting is the last official Liberal debate until the fall, when the candidates reconvene for further public debate before the leadership convention in Montreal Nov. 29 to Dec. 3.

I know that politics slows down for the summer, but holy crap!  I had no idea that the Liberals had scheduled such a lengthy leadership contest. 

Either the Liberals will be forced to the polls without a leader or they face the prospect of another 5 and a half months of wasted energy -and money- tearing each other apart.  At which point, the winner will have to face a rested, fully funded and prime-ministerial Stephen Harper in the next election.

Interesting strategy guys.  All I can say is keep up the good work! 


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