Liberal senators read very slowly

If true, this is appalling. 

As reported in the Ottawa Citizen, via NealeNews:

Liberal senators appear to be threatening to hold up the Conservatives' accountability bill because its proposed $1,000 limitation on political donations would create problems for their party's fundraising and leadership convention this fall, the government Senate leader says.

. . . The House of Commons is expected to sit until midnight every day this week in order to approve the ethics package, which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said is his government's top priority, before the House breaks for the summer.

It's expected the bill will be sent to the Senate for its consideration tomorrow.

. . . But an unapologetic Senator Sharon Carstairs, the Liberal critic for the bill, said yesterday that two to four months may be required to properly examine the complex and wide-sweeping legislation, adding she thinks there "are a number of amendments that need to be made."

If Liberal Senators tie up this legislation until after their leadership convention, it would be one of the most cynical, partisan and anti-democratic moves in recent Canadian history . . . and that's saying a lot. 

If the Liberals saw this as a problem then they shouldn't have inflicted such a protracted leadership race on their party and the country.

Of course they could take a page from Joe Volpe's fundraising book.  Schools go back three full months before their leadership convention.


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