Same old Liberals

From yesterday's Globe and Mail:

Liberals refuse standing vote on Conservatives' ethics bill

Key legislation passed, but MPs don't have to stand and be counted

The Conservative government's central piece of legislation — the federal accountability act — has passed through the House of Commons without a single record of which MPs support or oppose it.

Liberal Leader Bill Graham refused to say yesterday whether his party supports the bill and abruptly ended a scrum with reporters when he was pressed to state a position.

. . . He then said his MPs might have a position if the Liberal senators amend the bill.

. . . Treasury Board president John Baird said it was up to the Liberals to explain why they did not want a standing vote, but said passage of the bill — which changes rules for ethics, lobbying, election financing and government appointments — will bring a "sea change" in the culture of government.

"It's the biggest step forward, the biggest anti-corruption package ever to go through the Commons," he said.

. . . "I think that this has nothing to do with accountability; it has everything to do with attacking the Liberal Party. It's an utterly cynical attempt to go at the Liberal Party, and to do it in the middle of a leadership campaign is the height of cynicism."

Liberal Ian Davey, the national director of the Michael Ignatieff campaign, is worried that this legislation is an attack on the Liberal Party of Canada.

Conservative John Baird thinks that this legislation is an attack on government corruption.

Government corruption . . . Liberal party of Canada . . . guys, enough, you're arguing the same point!


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