Time for another Aegis test?

June 20, 2006

Drudge is running an interesting headline: 'Will the US Intercept?"  It leads to this AFP article over at Breitbart:

US warns North Korea against 'provocative' missile launch

. . . the United States has limited missile defenses but would not say whether it intends to use them against a North Korean missile launch.

However, he pointedly used the term "launch" rather than "test" to describe the North Korean preparations and said Pyongyang's intentions were not clear. . . .

Reuters notes that:

. . . North Korea has poured liquid fuel into the missile propellant built in the missile launching pad. It is at the finishing stage before launching" but the South Korean government did not know if fueling was completed, he said.

Experts say if the missile is not launched 48 hours after fueling, the fuel will start to break down and damage the missile.

Well, it looks like we'll know within two days.  I don't know very much about US ship-based missile defence capatibilites, but it would be great if they could shoot this one out of the sky.