Google search finds belated honesty

June 7, 2006

Finally, the 'progressives' over at Google admit they sold out for access to Red China.

Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin acknowledged Tuesday the dominant Internet company has compromised its principles by accommodating Chinese censorship demands. He said Google is wrestling to make the deal work before deciding whether to reverse course.

. . . Google's China-approved Web service omits politically sensitive information that might be retrieved during Internet searches, such as details about the 1989 suppression of political unrest in Tiananmen Square. Its agreement with China has provoked considerable criticism from human rights groups.

"Perhaps now the principled approach makes more sense," Brin said.

I'll admit, I find it difficult to use the Internet without using Google, but for a company founded on the principle of 'Do No Evil' aiding the totalitarian thugs in Beijing is -at the very least- . . . inconsistent.