Exactly who is in charge?

June 26, 2006

This unbelievable report from the Toronto Star:

OPP cedes control of Caledonia road

OPP officers will no longer respond to calls from non-native home and property owners who live on the 6th Line, a county road running along the southwest border of a housing development occupied by native protestors . . .. . . This is just the latest twist involving the OPP that has many people — including a former OPP officer — questioning what the provincial force is doing.

“They can’t do that. People pay their taxes for policing by the OPP,” said the former senior officer, who asked not to be identified.

Premier Dalton McGuinty springs into action:

Premier Dalton McGuinty called on the Six Nations to abandon the occupation while negotiations continue.

“It would be very helpful if the occupation was to come to an end and the parties understood we remain very much committed to negotiating this at the table,’ McGuinty said, adding his government has done what it can “to take the land out of the equation” by negotiating to buy the property.

Looks like someone’s not happy: 

Meanwhile, an Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered key players in the land dispute — including the OPP, and the Ontario and federal governments — to return to court June 29. “This Court cannot indefinitely tolerate the contempt of the orders of the court that now prevails in Caledonia,” Justice David Marshall said in a statement. This is the third time he’s ordered parties to court to explain why they haven’t followed his three-month-old order to evict protestors from the development.

I’m practically speechless . . . This is shocking.  Why is it that these protesters are allowed to break the law, endanger public safety and disturb the peace and nothing is being done?

There may be something to this Native land claim, I don’t know.  But, if they’re breaking the law they’re criminals.  In which case they should be given jail time and not ‘concessions’.


These guys are on fire

June 6, 2006

From the Canadian Press:

RCMP seize 20 tonnes of hashish off the coast of Africa

An elaborate sting operation off the coast of Africa has prevented 20 tonnes of hashish from entering Canada, the RCMP said Monday.

. . . Operation Chabanel was carried out in co-operation with the Defence Department and officers in England, Morocco, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Spain.  

Drugs from a boat were transferred to a Mountie-chartered deep-water vessel some 330 kilometres off the coast of Angola in southern Africa on May 10.  

HMCS Fredericton then escorted the ship to Montreal.

Peter Toman, 59, his 24-year-old son Andrew, and Sidney Lalloux, 57, were arrested June 2 when the drugs were supposed to be delivered to the Montreal West End Gang. . .

Talk about having a great week.  Fantastic work!