I Recommend the Petite Syrah

May 31, 2006

A reader over at Small Dead Animals has an excellent idea and Kate has started the ball rolling.

The Unboycott

This, of course, is a response to CUPE Ontario's disgustingly biased decision to join some 'international campaign of boycott' against Israel.

Seriously though, the petite syrah is great.


Motion to indict Mugabe for crimes against humanity

May 31, 2006

Now this is deserves cross-party support.

A motion to indict Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on charges of crimes against humanity is ready and will be tabled in the House of Commons today.

.  . . Liberal MP Keith Martin, the sponsor of the motion, tabled it at the beginning of May. However, he withdrew the motion in order to rewrite it.

. . . If it passes, the motion would enable the prosecution of the Zimbabwean president in Canadian courts for crimes against humanity.

It's too late for Porta Farm -and many others- but it's about time.

Porta Farm 

Senator calls Afghan President Karzai a ‘stooge’

May 31, 2006

Yet another reason to shop at Harry's

. . . the proceedings turned particularly ugly when Liberal Senator Peter Stollery hurled an insult at Karzai, Afghanistan's interim president, who MacKay said would soon be visiting Canada.

"You know Karzai, he's a stooge. He was put there by Americans. Everybody knows that," Stollery said.

"First of all, I don't believe President Karzai is a stooge," MacKay said.

"He can't be anything else," Stollery interjected, before fellow Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who was chairing the hearing, cut him off.

It appears that Senator Stollery missed the recent Afghani elections.

Following investigation by the UN, the national election commission on November 3rd declared Karzai winner, without runoff, with 55.4% of the vote. This represented 4.3 million of the total 8.1 million votes cast.

Now in fairness, when the Senator was the Honourable Member from Spadina (1972-1981) he attained an average of 46.2% of the popular vote.  So with a mere 9.2% extra he would have achieved a Karzai level of 'stooginess'.  Of course, in real numbers the Senator got a mere  4,289,113 fewer votes than President Karzai. 

I suppose the Senator could argue that he recieved 100% of 'the vote' when Prime Minister Trudeau appointed him to the Senate, but that might cause one to suggest that "You know [Stollery], he's a stooge.  He was put there by [Liberals].  Everybody knows that."

Oh . . . and the good Senator never had to worry that he, or his family, would be gunned down by the opposition.


 What a jerk!

Liberals Refuse to Investigate

May 31, 2006

Okay, I'm not going to toss and turn at night, if the Liberal Party of Canada wants to lose even more traction with voters,  but given their history with scandal . . . have they not learned anything?

Children scrape together $5,400 for political donation.  Give me a break!

And the Liberal Party of Canada's response?

" Move along.  Nothing to see here!"  Simply disgraceful.

As happy as I am to have the Conservatives remain in Government, Canada deserves at least two functioning, principled parties capable of governing.

UPDATE: Ignatieff- Principled stand on Afghanistan, now a principled stand on political donation fraud . . . sort of.

“Is it legitimate to say I have a family of 10, and each one will donate $5,400? I think that's stretching it a bit. It's the   kind of thing that's legal, but people will ask questions about what it looks like,” said Mr. Coderre,
who supports Michael Ignatieff for the leadership.

Although encouraging . . . can he make it past the anti-American wing of the Liberal Party?  If he can, he might give Harper a run for his money.

UPDATE II: Twins, 11, donated $10,800 to Volpe's campaign

“I assume that all of our contributors are in full compliance of the law,” Mr. Volpe told CTV news.

Now, Joe.  You know what happens when you assume . . . it would be mostly you in this case.

World Agrees with Canada on Kyoto

May 30, 2006

Far from "throwing a hand-grenade into the room." -maybe they forgot to pull the pin?

The National Post runs the story: Ottawa's Kyoto plan wins backers in Bonn

Despite all the nail-biting over at the Toronto Star in recent days about how Canada was about to wreck Kyoto, they decided that there was absolutely no Kyoto news worth printing today.  Just this ridiculous opinion article by Richard Gywn.


May 30, 2006

Welcome to CanCon. 

Having followed politics closely for many years and having been an avid consumer of blogoshperic content for a while now, I've decided that I would give blogging a try. 

Again, welcome and bare with me as I find my voice.