Media picks its battles

I just listened to President Bush's press conference via FoxNews and one of his comments struck me.  He said that 99.9% of US military personal are good, honest people and that should not be forgotten as people read reports of the ongoing investigation into the action of US Marines in Haditha.

That makes sense.  I'm sure average people don't need this sort of lesson, but the left, the media and some politicians could use the reminder.

Why is it that these groups seem to ignore the inoccent-until-proven-guilty approach when the accused are the US military personel, but they espouse it -ad nauseum- when Islamo-fascist terrorists are accused of killing civilians, blowing stuff up or getting caught plotting mass-murder.

When it's accused jihadis, the media, politicians and the left resort to the following mantra:

a) Islam is a religion of peace;

b) 99.99% of Muslim's don't condone terror;

c) As such, they are innocent until proven guilty;

d) However, even if they are proven guilty the are simpy criminal extremists not Muslims;

It would be nice if they could find the time to apply the same evangelical zeal in protecting the presumed innocence of accused members of the American military. 

When was the last time you heard a report from the MSM with that sort of balance?


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